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We believe in a world where companies aim to have a clear purpose that aligns profits, planet & people.


We help businesses put purpose and ESG into practice.

To create positive impact you must know where you are, where you want to go, start moving in that direction and then measure your progress along the way. This is what the B Purpose Bureau helps you do. It might not be rocket science, but it certainly is what makes one fly. It's simply good business (and probably good rocket science too).


BY IDENTIFYING PURPOSE we define the core reason for being and the positive impact you want to have on the world. Today it’s not enough to be different – a company needs to be different by making a difference, championing betterment, transformation, and breaking the mold.  Purpose shapes strategy, inspires people, engages customers and community, steers choices at moments of truth, and is fully embedded in the company culture. Purpose is both the destination and the fuel that powers the engine.
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BY MEASURING WHAT MATTERS we provide the essential link between purpose and actions. We help uncover the level of impact a business has on its' stakeholders, and discover where there is room for improvement. Regardless of impact, this initial assessment establishes a baseline, from where we can help draft a roadmap for the journey forward.

BY PUTTING PURPOSE INTO ACTION we start driving value for all stakeholders on an ongoing basis. We help you select the most relevant ESG framework, such as the UN SDGs or the B Impact Assessment™, which is an extremely practical tool with best practice guidelines and concrete ideas for how this can be done. Companies excelling at creating positive impact can be B Corp™ certified and thereby join a community of some of the world's most progressive and inspiring companies. 
B Purpose Bureau provides a set of services and tools to help your organisation:
- build a sustainability strategy

- start measuring what matters 
- create a roadmap of continuous improvements and
- identify and bring purpose into play
- engage your stakeholders on your journey.

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