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When we're not meeting with clients or working on projects, we're out telling everyone about the power of impactful business and how to take good intentions to actions. Check out what we're up to!


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26 June 2024

4:00pm - 6:00pm HK


Unlocking Social Impact: The Best Metrics for Success. Join our Chief Impact Officer Pia Wong and Chief Sustainable Growth Catalyst Cathy Cole in a workshop on how companies can turn social responsibility intentions into real, impactful actions.

17 May 2024


Integrating Sustainability into Business Strategies. Read Lim-Loges & Masters's interview with our Chief Impact Officer Pia Wong.

16 May 2024

12:00pm HKT


Accelerating Circular Solutions in Product Development: Levers for Change. Our Sustainable Growth Catalyst Catherine Cole is moderating a panel discussion at the AmCham on the challenges of driving circularity during the product development and design stage within the consumer goods sector. Other speakers include Anne-Laure Decours from Puma and Shashank Singh from Colgate.

12 May 2023

4:00pm HKT


The 2nd Asia-Pacific Marketing Academy Annual Conference. Our Co-Founder Per Dahlberg is speaking at the Marketing and ESG Forum at City University of Hong Kong, APMA 2024

29 Feb 2024

4:00pm HKT


B Corp 101. Join us for an exciting online event where we introduce the fundamentals of B Corps and the B Corp Certification

5 Feb 2024

12:30pm HKT


B Corp - an antidote to greenwashing. Per is presenting at the Rotary Club of Wanchai Luncheon held at the Grand Hyatt Wanchai

23 Jan 2024

6.00pm HKT


Top 5 Social Entrepreneurship Trends in 2024. Pia Wong is discussing the latest trends and insights in social entrepreneurship with Jonathan Mok from Dream Impact and Patricia Slawinski from Impact Circles. Hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce HK.

6 Dec 2023

8.00am HKT


Building the movement (Project 100). Thomas Ng (Genashtim / B Market Builder in SE Asia) is sharing his experience from building the B Corp movement in SE Asia. Summary sharing from Europe (Katie Hill and Paolo Di Cesare).

31 Oct 2023

8:00am HKT


B Corp Breakfast Chat / Project 100 - An exploration of pathways to reach 100 B Corps in HK & other topics. (Facilitated by B Purpose Bureau)

4 May 2023

6:30 pm HKT


Discussion on the topic of Business Transparency @"Let's Meet Sustainability" hosted by SwedCham

8 Jan 2023



B CORP™ CERTIFIED CLIENT - Congratulations to another of our client - Happiness Capital on successfully certifying as B Corp™ in 2023.

14 Mar 2022



B CORP™ CERTIFIED CLIENT - Congratulations to another of our client - OnTheList on successfully certifying as B Corp™ in 2022.

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