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More and more people want to buy from, work for and invest in businesses they trust and whose values align with their own. They want companies that can show that they deliver a clear purpose across environmental, social and governance priorities. This is why a company needs a clear purpose, an actionable ESG strategy and a proven track record. The journey to get these things in place is one of the most meaningful a company can undertake. Our job is to help you on this journey, regardless of where you start from, and how far you want to go. The important thing is to set out; to go from intent to action. 

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"We've started our sustainability journey. It won't be easy and it'll take time but we know WHERE we want to go and WHY. BPB has helped us with HOW. Having their support throughout the BIA process has been an incredible help with planning, organizing and guiding us on this exciting journey of change. Thank you BPB!"

Stefanie Schmith, Sustainability Consultant
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PURPOSE AT THE COREFor the last 50 plus years the mantra of the business world has been to maximize profits with very few regards for social goals or environmental impact. This, however, is rapidly changing. Driven by customer demand, investors and employees, more and more companies look at how to deliver value across environmental, social and governance priorities - whilst being profitable. The question is  how? There is no one simple answer to this question. It is a journey, and it starts with the purpose. 


MEASURE WHAT MATTERS, SIMPLY GOOD BUSINESS. Identifying a purpose and the positive impact we would like to have on the world, we must  start measuring impact on all  stakeholders, as rigorously as we measure profit and loss. If not, our ability to run a healthy business will be as challenging as flying a plane safely with only a speedometer on the instrument panel. And who in their right mind would want to do that, or even be a passenger on that plane; where altitude, attitude and fuel levels are unknown? Measuring what matters is simply good business. 


PRACTISING PURPOSE  authentically and on a continuous basis is not easy.  It will at times feel uncomfortable, but always meaningful. It may mean bringing up new questions, engaging in difficult conversations about some business aspects, and maybe re-evaluating partners. And these conversations must be honest and authentic. Because saying one thing but doing something else means lost credibility in front of employees and society alike. This is how an ESG framework plays a crucial role, particularly the B Corp one. It measures and proves who walks the talk, and to what extent.

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Per, Laure, and Nikki are more than just ESG consultants.

But, regardless who might also count her/himself a windsurfer, musician, cook, artist, writer or biker, what we all share in equal measure is a passion for the 'B Corp' way. As ESG consultants we don't only get to be a part of a very purposeful and fast growing movement, we also get to work with some really cool companies and inspiring people that are equally devoted to driving positive change.


It is good to 'B' part of the Change!

And of course we are a...

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8 Jan 2023



B CORP CERTIFIED CLIENT - Congratulations to another of our client - Happiness Capital on successfully certifying as B Corp in 2023.

14 Mar 2022



B CORP CERTIFIED CLIENT - Congratulations to another of our client - OnTheList on successfully certifying as B Corp in 2022.

1 Mar 2022



B CORP CERTIFIED CLIENT - Food Made Good is the first out among our clients to become a Certified B Corp in 2022. Congratulations!


Your journey towards being a Business as a force for good begins by contacting us so reach out to us TODAY. Don't be shy! Whether it is wanting help on the B Impact Assessment or desiring to know more about B Corps, we'd be delighted to connect with you. Fill in the form or email us and we'll be sure to get back to you very soon. 

Hong Kong, HKSAR

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